Where you stay is the most important part of your vacation. You want to feel safe, you want to be comfortable, and sometimes you want a beautiful view, too (like the photo above of the Mediterranean). I understand that every client has a unique preference for lodging based on their comfort level, their budget, and their previous experiences. I want to be sure you get the best value for what you spend, and that you get the best service from the managers of whichever accommodation you choose.

I have worked with many individual hotels and home rental owners over the last 11 years and established relationships where I can call them to get a discount for a client, or handle any service related issues. I also work with Expedia’s Travel Agent service to provide clients with competitive prices that come with free cancellation. And I also compare rates using our affiliate account with Booking.com. You may choose any of these methods to reserve your lodging. For the first two options, use our contact form and include where you would like to stay. And if you want to do your own shopping, use the map below provided by Booking to find your ideal accommodation. We will still be able to assist in a limited fashion to ensure you stay goes smoothly.

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