Some people are not content to just sit on the beach sipping cocktails or relaxing by the pool. They want adventure – to get their heart pumping or practice their favorite sport in a new location. You can be a surfer, a golfer, kayaker, hiker, biker – you know what I mean. A new place offers a unique chance to experience the sights and sounds that make a place memorable. A place you will go home and tell your friends about. We want to get you to that place and have the time of your life while there.

Besides those who like adventures, I know many also just like to be spectators. From the Masters to the World Surf League to the Superbowl, World Series, US Open, and even the Olympics – there are events that cannot be missed. We will work with our suppliers to find you the best seats to catch all the action, and set up your lodging and transportation so you don’t miss a minute of seeing your favorite athletes.

Ideas for Sports and Adventure Tours

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