For many years I lived in Oakland, California. It may not immediately come to mind as a cultural or culinary destination, but it is next door to San Francisco and just south of Napa Valley. San Francisco is one of the most culturally diverse cities on the planet and the restaurant scene is incomparable to anywhere else on the planet. And if you drive just an hour north you are in wine country, with endless vineyards and rolling hills, a green and burgundy expanse that is hard to leave (especially after doing one or two winery tours!)

Our passion for travel has taken us around the world and every place has a unique culture that is fascinating to discover. Local hosts and recommended tours can take you to the best restaurants that each country has to offer. While exploring the cities or countryside you may also want to to visit museums, castles, pyramids, art galleries, and other cultural centers that give us an idea of the history of a place and its people. Let us help you plan a vacation that ensures your appetite for food, drink, and discovery is met. Contact us now to get started.

Imagine yourself entering a Balinese temple with the full moon rising overhead.
Taste some local caribbean flavor. Marias in Manzanillo, Puerto Viejo – Costa Rica
Women in traditional Japanese clothing can be seen in some of the markets in Tokyo.
A giant statue of the Monkey God – Hanuman- is featured prominently outside of the gardens near Ubud in Bali.