Canada, the United States, and Mexico certainly have enough interesting places that you can spend the rest of your life traveling just in these three countries and never find an end to it. My favorite places in the United States are San Francisco, the Grand Canyon, Key West, New York City, Lake Tahoe, Niagara Falls, Cocoa Beach Florida, and the Outer Banks in North Carolina. I have been on four coast to coast drives and every state has something unique to offer. I have also traveled extensively on both coasts of Mexico and have enjoyed the tropical climate, the Aztec and Mayan ruins, and yes – even have sampled the tequila more than a few times.

I will admit that I have not traveled to Alaska or Canada, and my goal is to explore these two wondrous places sometime soon. Meanwhile I have attended online classes teaching me about these destinations and have researched trips for clients in the past so I feel confident booking them for you. Of the 400 agents that I partner with at Dugans Travels, over 100 are from Canada and so I can use their expertise to craft a perfect vacation should you wish to visit.

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