Volunteering during your vacation is always a nice way to give back to the community that hosts you. At most every location we sell, there are opportunities for community service whether it’s a beach cleanup, a habitat for humanity project, or distributing donated health supplies or sporting good.

However, a voluntourism trip may be THE reason why you want to travel. You want to make the trip all about giving back – donating your time and energy to a non-profit group. We have partnered with qualified organizations that provide you a chance to stay with them and help them with their mission.

These trips are not a photo-op, you will get immersed in local culture and at times the elements may not be ideal. But you will return from your journey feeling like you made a difference in preserving the environment and improving people’s lives – where the memories will mean more than a few photos or souvenirs.

Let us know what type of service work you wish to do and we can put together an itinerary that makes the best use of your time and effort. Contact us now!

You could be helping these squirrel monkeys by volunteering with Kids Saving the Rainforest in Costa Rica.

The Playa Tortuga Rescue Center is always looking for volunteers to help with their programs.