There are many ways to travel once you arrive at your destination. Ride in style from a stretch limousine to a foot-powered rickshaw. You can move at your preferred pace – it just depends on how much you want to spend. I understand that your needs are as individual and unique as you are so I offer you unlimited options on how you get from Point A to Point B. As a licensed travel professional who works with transportation suppliers around the world, I will you the best option for your needs and ensure you get the best service possible. I can secure public or private transportation, airport shuttles, taxis, limos, bicycle rentals, even a camel ride if that is what you prefer.

But most of my clients like renting vehicles. I’ve helped travelers for almost 20 years get cars and SUVs in Costa Rica, a country with a reputation for bad roads and expensive insurance options. Through that experience I have learned the value of working with a reputable company that has a large inventory of newer vehicles and customer service representatives who actually care about my clients. So if you are going on a big trip and want a customized quote for your trip, please use our contact form to ask to find the best price for the highest quality vehicle. If I make the reservation for you, you will have my assistance before, during, and even after your trip should any need arise. And if you would rather do your own search, please use our partner link below with They have competitive prices, clearly explain which insurances are included, and list the reviews of every company they work with.

  • Please visit this page specifically for vehicle rentals in Costa Rica – LINK. The insurance requirements are different and so this link will include the appropriate extra mandatory costs. Plus you get my assistance throughout your trip.

Transportation Options