I grew up as a ‘squid kid’. That is a child who’s mom or dad was in the Navy so all of my childhood was spent living near the ocean. At first we moved a bunch, from New York City to Virginia Beach, to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, then Jacksonville, Florida. Finally my dad retired back in Virginia Beach. I enjoyed the long road trips we would take to visit family along the east coast of the United States, and my first career as a public school teacher gave me multiple holidays to venture out and explore the rest of the world.

I love the ocean, and have spent my life living close to it. I’ve done multiple cruises to the Caribbean and sailed on smaller boats, too. My wanderlust has taken me to 28 countries on 5 continents and I have lots of adventurous tales to share and lessons learned from them. In 2009 I created my own business, CR Surf Travel Company, and studied to become a licensed travel consultant with Dugans Travels. We are proud to work in a woman owned company with over 600 agents in the United States and Canada.

I am an expert on many travel experiences. I have taken classes on Sandals and Dreams Resorts, the Bahamas, Mexico, Disney, multiple Cruise Lines (including Princess, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Viking River Cruises), and land based tours through G Adventures, Cosmos, Globus, and smaller outfits. If there is an area where I need assistance I can reach out to one of my partners and get their expertise. My favorite destinations are Bali, Hawaii, Tanzania, South Africa, the BVI, Columbia, Las Vegas, San Francisco and of course – Costa Rica.

I’ve taken over 40 trips to Costa Rica and have lived there for a total of five years. It has a dozen microclimates, supports 5% of the world’s biodiversity, has multiple volcanos, and two coastlines fronting the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Most importantly it strives to be a leader in sustainable tourism and clean energy, helping to leave a planet in a place for the next generation of travelers. Our company is a member of 1% for the Planet, a non-profit created by Yvonne Chinoud of Patagonia, to give back 1% of our sales to organizations that protect our planet and its inhabitants. Our donations go to CREMA, a Costa Rican group that works on shark and turtle conservation and education.


To provide you the trip of your dreams from beginning to end that fits your budget, and to back it up with exemplary customer service.