The continent of Africa has a lifetime of adventures and sights to experience. From the Pharoah’s Tome in Egypt to Cape Horn at the tip of South Africa, to the desert nomad villages in Morocco there is just too much to see in one trip. And that does not even include the vast interior of the continent, with mountainous cloud forests where you may spot a gorilla or chimpanzee, the vast plains of the Serengeti and Kalahari deserts to witness lionesses on the prowl, and Victoria Falls. After all that safari (it means ‘travel’ in Swahili) you will want to spend some time on the beach. Cape Town has an incredible coastline with Table Mountain as a backdrop, or maybe you prefer the palm lined beaches of the spice island – Zanzibar – where there is world class fishing and diving options.

I have visited South Africa and Tanzania multiple times so I know what it is like to travel there, to take both public and private transportation, rent a vehicle, surf the coastline, go on safari in a half dozen national parks and can make some great recommendations based on my experiences plus those of my fellow travel consultants. Here are some of the more incredible tours to do.

Best Tours in Egypt

Best Tours in South Africa

Best Tours in Morocco

Best Tours in Tanzania