At about the same size as the United States in land mass, Australia has plenty to explore. What is even better is that it is surrounded by water so that means thousands of miles of coastline. Beaches, cliffs, islands – tiny to Tasmania in size, and the Great Barrier Reef right off the southeastern coast. This country is as sophisticated as Sydney, as punk as Perth, and as beautiful as Byron Bay. Plus the Aboriginal people who live here have had their culture for over 10,000 years!

You have the options to fly in to Sydney and take private tours from there, do a guided trip with our partners at GLOBUS (a worldwide leader in small group vacations), or even rent a van and go exploring on your own. You may find that a week there is not enough, so be sure to give your enough time to experience all that the country has to offer.

The best time to go? Their summer is the winter in the United States so if you are looking for warmer weather, go in the winter months. Also, check Facebook groups for national holidays and cultural events that happen only once per year. My job is to help you decide the ideal itinerary based on your level of adventure, level of comfort, your personal interests, and your budget.

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