I might have well said – the world! Asia is our planet’s largest continent and it would take a lifetime to see only part of it. From the architectural beauty in Moscow to the lush rainforests of Indonesia, this land has something to see for every type of traveler. The food and the people, the mountains and the beaches, the churches, temples, and shrines offer a glimpse into a wonderful world of color and taste, sights and smells that will never be forgotten.

My own experiences in Bali and the neighboring islands, plus Singpore, make me want to return every year. But there are so many other places to visit that I do not want to miss exploring a new country, a new culture, and making new friends. If you want to plan a vacation to anywhere in Asia, we will help you do the research and planning to ensure you enjoy the most that each location has to offer. We also work with the Globus Family of Brands (Monograms, Cosmos, Globus, and Avalon Waterways) who have led guided trips for decades in this region.

This was one of the temples I visited while in Bali. The people who live there are some of the nicest I’ve met on the planet!

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